I <3 chillingggggggggg

singing some oldies
singing some proud mary
singing some 80's
car alarm going off at 2:30 ... AM!!!!
Laughed until I couldn't breath because of the embarrassment
singing some rocky horror (I still know every fucking word)
singing some elephant love medley

way too much fucking fun.


This is my rabbit Shredder, he is obviously sunshine and happiness incarnate.

and am I the only person who thinks it's absolutely hilarious when boys hold bunnies?

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I am living the life.

I get to live by myself in the most bad-ass apartment,
smoke whenever I want,
color whenever I want,
hang out with friends whenever I want.

I don't have to worry about paying for rent, I just have to worry about making enough money for eating, beer, and fun.

but I still miss him so much it fucking hurts.

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Tonight it just randomly hit me with full force.

He's leaving in 16 days.

why the fuck did I have to realize this at 10pm.

now it's 3, maybe I can get a nap in.


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Two weeks ago my tarantula escaped and I was pretty sure my dog ate it. Then yesterday I found her just walking down the hallway, with only seven legs.
That was probably a pretty awesome adventure.