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for i do not know how to dance

25 November 1987
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I'm one of the most amazing peopleEVER

oh and if you've read my myspace you will see somthing very similar to this cause I'm too lazy to come up with something different

I'm like a peice of bread. At first i seem a little shy, but then you discover that I'm one crazy bitch. I have no idea how that exactly relates to bread. I'm a really really pretty girl, actually I'm a model, and I'm really really nice. When in fact I'm a 46 year old fat, balding man who is trying to scam on little unsuspecting girls, and boys, so dont have anything to do with me. Or i might find out where you live, and rape the shit out of you. Who knows what else could happen.

Yeah I'm random

It's pretty much a rule to love me, unless I don't love you.(In that case, fuck off)

I love almost everyone

God bless Madonna

I seem to misplace my clothes a lot

I like adding random people every now and then. Sorry if I offend you in any way.

I have been attracted to a cartoon character.

I also really like that quick feeling of completeness when you put the combination into those twisting locks (the kind you see on lockers)and you pull, and they open on the first time.yeah